IFPTE Local 98
Local 98       
International Federation of Professional Technical Engineers
26 Federal Plaza, Rm 1908 New York, NY 10278
Telephone No: (917)790-8660    
"Here to serve"
  Local 98 Contact Info:
IFPTE Local 98
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Governing Documents of Local 98
Local 98 Union Contract
Local 98A (NAD) Union Contract
Local 98 Grievance Form-SF
Local 98 Grievance Form-LF
Grievance Guidance (The 5 W)
Local 98 Payroll Deduction Form
Local 98 Overtime Grievance Form
NYD Local Travel Policy
NYD Telework Policy
CSRA (Civil Service Reform Act) Fact Sheets
Title 5 of the United States Code Ch 71
Title 5 of the United States Code Ch 71 -Online
Weingarten Rights ---NYD-HR letter
Governing Documents of IFPTE
55th Constitutional Concention Amendments and
Constitution of IFPTE
Manual of Guiding Principles
Manual of Policy
Miscellaneous Documents
Labor History
Stewards/Trustee Training
Stewards/Trustee Info
Hatch Act
Army Regulation AR 690-700; Chapter 751     
Table of Penalties for Various Offenses
TAPES (Total Army Performance Evaluation
Army Regulation 690–400
Army Regulation 672–20
TRADOC Suppl 1 to AR 672-20
Furloughs Documents
Union Agreement
IFPTE Local 98 Union Agreement
MSBP Appeal Furlough
MSBP Appeal Box 16